Neptune Systems Apex Controller

Neptune Systems Apex Controller

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Neptune Systems Wifi Apex Controller
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 Redesigned and more powerful than before, the next generation of Apex controller is here. Now fully loaded and wifi compatible right out of the box. Take your tanks automation to the next level with this well thought out and finely crafted equipment.

  • Apex Control Unit
  • Energy Bar 832
  • Temperature Probe
  • Salinity Probe
  • ORP Probe
  • PH Probe
  • 6ft Aquabus Cable
 The new Apex is like the previous Apex Gold on steroids and with a much nicer wardrobe.

 Energy Bar 832:

 The Energy Bar 832 offers next level power, with 8 - 120v A/C outlets, 3 - 24VDC 1Link ports, and 2 - 24VDC Accessory ports.

1Link & Accessory ports:

These are smart outlets for Neptune's WAV and DOS. Add powerheads and a doser without tying up outlets??? Genius!!! Accessory ports are on/off controllable for adding small utility pumps (PMUP), solenoids, fans, etc...

Apex Fusion:

With Apex Fusion, set up and configuration has been simplified. Accessing your aquarium from outside your home just works – there is nothing to configure. Terms like port forwarding, dynamic DNS, email servers and programming are for IT pros and are a thing of the past. Tasks that were once difficult, such as setting up a lighting schedule, adjusting pump flow patterns, and automatically feeding your fish, are all much easier, with intelligent wizards and a new user interface.

Drag and drop interface
No updates necessary, ever!
Easy text and email alert setup
Much, much more (like automated and remote fish feeding) Yes that is happening!
All this Control and Apex Fusion is completely FREE!
What are you waiting for? Take your aquarium to the next level and beyond with the new Apex.