About Us

Ocala Reef is North Central Florida’s premier saltwater aquarium destination. We are committed to providing aquarists with quality livestock, equipment, and service. Whether you are a salty veteran or new to the hobby, we can help you achieve the fish tank of your dreams.

Ocala Reef is committed to responsible and renewable reef practices. We sell tank raised fish and corals whenever possible to preserve the earths ocean habitats. This ensures that the natural beauty of the oceans coral reefs and its inhabitants will be around for generations to enjoy.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate compliment! Contact Ocala Reef and let us exceed your expectations.


Our Team


Manager and our new fearless leader, Nicole is very knowledgeable and passionate about the aquarium hobby. With her interest in establishing ecosystems within aquariums she will have your aquarium looking good in no time at all with every member doing its job.


 Jeremy is the tech and muscle behind Ocala Reef. Wearing multiple "hats" he does his best to support Nicole and the shop in an effort to keep things running smoothly. Jeremy takes a special interest in aquarium technology like the Apex systems and other equipment.